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Dennis Leoni and Robert Herschbach

Our Inspiration

Recovery Shot is inspired by the real-life story of two men; one, a stroke victim who struggled for two years with conventional therapy; the other his great friend, who knew that there would be no better therapy than the game of golf. He promised to get his buddy back out on the course and play 18 holes within a year. It took two years, but the promise was fulfilled.

Today, Dennis Leoni (right) is back in the game, all thanks to Robert Herschbach (left), his dedicated friend who committed himself to Dennis’ recovery and engaged his club and fellow golfers to give his pal his Recovery Shot. For that, Dennis and his family are forever grateful and humbled and want to give back by extending this opportunity to others everywhere.

As a great buddy, Robert was instrumental in Dennis’ healing and for that reason, BUDDIES are an important part of our program and play for free. We ask that you find your buddy to be at your side as you get back in the game.

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Mission Statement

To provide the therapeutic game of golf at no cost for those in recovery from injury, illness, or trauma or who have special needs or abilities and to create, sponsor and support golf programs and activities designed to reach underserved or marginalized communities with no access to the many life-changing benefits of golf.

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Recovery Shot is Proud to be Partnered with the CA Rehabilitation Institute

As a result of our partnership with Cal Rehab, they have created a new golf therapy program for their patients. We are so grateful for our synergistic relationship and inspired by their leadership in the field of adaptive golf.

From Richard Montmeny, PhD, PT, and CEO of the California Rehabilitation Institute: “Getting back to playing a sport you love or trying something new Is an important piece of the rehabilitation process. Research shows this may boost neurological recovery and help individuals stay engaged in meaningful ways in the community. Thank you to Recovery Shot for providing this invaluable opportunity to those we serve.”

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The National Business Post

“The game of golf is not about how many strokes it takes to make par, but about how well you are able recover from a bad shot. Today, Los Angeles based non-profit, RECOVERY SHOT, along with the California Rehabilitation Institute, is helping stroke victims and others get back into the game…”

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