John Tangney

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John Tangney – Treasurer

Retired Program Manager, Blue Yonder

When his good friends of 47 years, Dennis and Deborah Leoni, informed him of their goal to create a non-profit to get former golfers who have suffered a debilitating injury or stroke back onto the course to leverage the healing power of golf in their recovery, John, recently retired, immediately jumped on board. He saw first-hand how the benefits of golf, with its natural camaraderie and core values of courtesy, respect, and sportsmanship, greatly accelerated the recovery of his friend, Dennis, from the major strokes he suffered in late 2016. John played a lot of golf with Dennis over the years of their friendship and can attest that Dennis’ game is just about back to its pre-stroke level and his competitive nature is all the way back.

Prior to his retirement from Blue Yonder, Inc, in early 2022, John spent 50 years in development and management roles in the software industry; he started his career as a programmer in 1971 for the Department of Defense; he conducted research in computer and network security on the DARPA network, a precursor to today’s Internet; he move on to management roles with suppliers of newspaper and retail advertising systems in the 80s and 90s before spending the last 25 years of his career at Blue Yonder, a global supply chain systems supplier (and sponsor of Jon Rahm). In retirement, John, an 8 handicap, plays golf regularly at Rancho Park in Los Angeles, and enjoys teaching the game to his teenage son and daughter.

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