Our youngest Recovery Golfer and an inspiration to us all!
Nine years old, Damian’s a natural athlete and loves golf. So he could practice at home, Recovery Shot was proud to get Damian his own set of kid clubs. All thanks to his mom, Sophie, for stopping by our booth at the Abilities Expo and getting the ball rolling!
“Recovery Shot is truly the best and we are grateful for everything you have done for Damian. He hasn’t stopped sharing his experience and loves his golf clubs. Can’t wait for the next session!!”
– Sophie M., Damian’s Mom


Tom, once an avid golfer, is back on the course after seven years of dealing with the physical challenges of spinal stenosis. We’re overjoyed that he and his family found Recovery Shot at the 2023 Abilities Expo!
“I am very excited and looking forward to the future and my golf game. I want to thank Recovery Shot for your dedication and love on this wonderful program. I have found hope in this great program. Thank you.”
– Tom B.


Recovering from heart ailments and long COVID, Nadia is a joy to have in the Recovery Shot program. Advised by her doctor to get some light exercise, she found us and with no golf experience at all, is giving it her all and doing great!
“Amazing. I am so grateful for Recovery Golf. It really works. I can feel my health getting stronger and my heart, too. I notice less swelling and edema on my ankle. I cannot believe how good golf is for health and recovery.”
– Nadia D.


Bill joined the Recovery Shot program as a former avid golfer and athlete who underwent heart surgery in 2020 and then suffered nerve damage after a fall. You’d never know it, though, if you had seen him hit this drive!
“I was so fortunate to receive the benefits of Recovery Shot! To get out on the course again, in the fresh air with my buddies, trying to overcome my physical limitations just meant the world to me. The dedicated people who started this program have created an opportunity for a better life for people like me and I give them my heartfelt thanks.”
– Bill H.
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