Providing The Benefits Of Adaptive Golf To Veterans

Dennis Leoni and Robert Herschbach

Golf isn’t just a sport; it’s a therapeutic journey that holds immense potential, especially for our veterans grappling with physical and emotional challenges. From the calming benefits of fresh air to the heartwarming camaraderie of fellow golfers to the restorative power of light exercise, golf delivers an opportunity for happier healing. Players also learn to set goals, persevere through setbacks, and develop coping skills – all characteristics that transcend the golf course and permeate everyday lives. Importantly, the game of golf improves the brain’s neuroplasticity, increasing its ability to compensate for injury and trauma and relearn brain functions that have been lost or compromised. Golf is good therapy for our Veterans working so hard to come back.

Our Partners

Gold Coast Veterans Foundation

Dennis Leoni and Robert Herschbach

With dedication and passion, Gold Coast Veterans Foundation (GCVF) serves veterans in Ventura County with a highly impactful and comprehensive program that delivers the right services in the right order to meet a veteran’s individual needs, whatever they might be. From housing help, to benefits and claims assistance, free adaptive equipment, help finding jobs, healing and wellness programs, GCVF’s services are lifesaving. And sometimes, GCVF anticipates needs the veterans may not even know they have. This is how the partnership of Recovery Shot and the Gold Coast Veterans Foundation came to be.

“Our partnership with Recovery Shot will empower and expand our ability to help veterans heal and rebuild a damaged or broken life,” says GCVF’s Executive Director Bob Harris; “Even though many people see golf as an upscale sport for the wealthy and carefree, golf is also medically proven to be an ideal therapeutic game with amazing healing powers. The same healing power that helped stroke survivor and Recovery Shot Co-Founder Dennis Leoni recover from his setback, will now be there to nurture and heal an injured veteran, whether that injury is to their body or their mind.”

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The Spanish Hills Club

At the very core of Recovery Shot is the Spanish Hills Club in Camarillo, CA. Without Spanish Hills there is no Recovery Shot. In 2017, Robert Herschbach knew in his heart that the best possible therapy for his buddy, stroke survivor Dennis Leoni, would be the game of golf. As a Spanish Hills member, Robert approached the leadership of his club and asked if Dennis could play with him until he improved. In an unprecedented decision for a private club, they agreed. That was the beginning of Dennis’ healing journey and the inspiration for his family and friends to launch Recovery Shot. To this day, Spanish Hills has embraced Recovery Shot’s mission of healing through golf. For years, they have been our partner in our On-Course Buddy Program and now, they’ve come aboard as our partner to help Veterans through the AGAVE program which will be held on their beautiful course.

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