Dennis Leoni

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Dennis Leoni – Board Secretary and Co-Founder


When Dennis was a teenager, there were two things his dad insisted he learn – how to type and how to play golf, neither of which held any interest for him. Nevertheless, he obediently took golf lessons and learned the game. Then, later, as a high school senior, he grudgingly enrolled in a typing class where he was the only boy in a class of freshman girls. He thought his dad was crazy. Yeah, crazy like a fox.

Eventually, Dennis would become a writer (which involves A LOT of typing) and go on to become an award-winning writer/producer and director, working on productions for every major network and studio. As for golf, he grew to love the game, though he had no idea it would become his salvation. Today, he attributes his recovery from two devastating strokes to the game of golf, his family, friends and especially to his dad. Thank you, Libero Leoni.

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