James Hirsch

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James Hirsch – CEO

Writer/Producer, Real Estate Entrepreneur

After more than fifty years in the entertainment business as a successful and award-winning writer and producer, Jim and his longtime business partner, board member Bob Papazian, also built an impressive real estate portfolio that began when they bought a 12-acre site and turned it into the first major independent film studio in Southern California in over 75 years. After selling Ray-Art Studios, Jim began teaching screenwriting at his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His master class there was a favorite for film students and continued for 18 years.

Jim now serves on the Board of the Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC and teaches a master screenwriting class there as well. When his very close friends and colleagues, Dennis and Deb Leoni, were inspired to help others, they sought Jim’s help. To say that he agreed is an understatement as he has happily taken on the role of CEO and is thrilled to see the amazing progress in both Dennis’s health, in his amazing golf rediscovery, and in the overall plans and accomplishments of Recovery Shot.

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