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“The recovery shot is one of the most beautiful shots in golf”

– Jack Nicklaus

We agree with Jack, one of the greatest golfers in the history of the game. A recovery shot is a shot that gives you a chance to come back from a daunting hazard or obstacle and salvage your game. The same can be said for the Recovery Shot program. We’re dedicated to providing free access to the therapeutic game of golf for those in recovery from injury, illness, or trauma or who have special needs or abilities, and to create, sponsor and support golf programs and activities designed to reach underserved or marginalized communities with little or no access to the many life-changing benefits of the beautiful game of golf.
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What is Adaptive Golf?

It’s golf that’s adapted to your special needs and abilities, allowing you to learn and play at your own pace and to enjoy the therapeutic and recreational benefits of friendship, fresh air, and the light exercise of the game.

Who We Are

Recovery Shot is the vision of a group of close-knit friends who watched in awe as our loved one came back from two catastrophic strokes through the power of golf and fellowship.


Our youngest Recovery golfer and an inspiration to us all! “Recovery Shot is truly the best and we are grateful for everything you’ve done for Damian.  He hasn’t stopped sharing his experience and loves his golf clubs.  Can’t wait for the next session!!”  Sophie M., Damian’s Mom

The CA Rehabilitation Institute & the CA Rehabilitation Foundation Partner with Recovery Shot!

From Richard Montmeny, PhD, PT, and CEO of Cal Rehab: “Getting back to playing a sport you love or trying something new Is an important piece of the rehabilitation process. Research shows this may boost neurological recovery and help individuals stay engaged in meaningful ways in the community. Thank you to Recovery Shot for providing this invaluable opportunity to those we serve.”

How To Help

Help more players get onto the path of recovery and back into the game!

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As Recovery Shot enters its second year of operation as a non-profit, we wanted to provide you — friends and supporters of our mission — with a progress update on our accomplishments thus far and our upcoming plans for the remainder of 2023.

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