Robert Herschbach

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Robert Herschbach – Director

Retired Aerospace Engineer | TV & Motion Picture Entertainment Entrepreneur | US Air Force NCO

Brought up by his dad building homes in northern California and southern Oregon, taught Robert hard work and discipline. Shortly after high school, he joined the US Air Force during Vietnam and served for 6 years. His education and experience in the Air Force prepared him for his role as an aerospace engineer with Rocketdyne on the space shuttle main engine, Atlas-Ma5 and Delta-RS27 expendable launch vehicle engines. Robert retired after 13 years from Rocketdyne to work in the motion picture industry.

Included in Robert’s 18 years in the entertainment business, he is best known for his work on several TV sitcoms, movies and reality shows. He developed innovative equipment patents and equipment rental businesses in the entertainment industry. He’s now retired and working on helping others by serving on local community boards, and especially supporting his good friends launching Recovery Shot, which is focused on healing through golf. His unwavering belief that his long-time buddy could once again be physically active and enjoy golf helped define the journey of healing for his friend.

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